Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Stephen Metcalfe speaks up for vulnerable Syrian refugees in Parliament

Last week, local MP Stephen Metcalfe spoke in Parliament on the issue of vulnerable Syrian refugees on the border of Syria and Turkey.

Following the ongoing Syrian conflict, many innocent Syrians have found themselves displaced and fleeing war in their home country and have sought refuge on the border of neighbouring Turkey.

Stephen Metcalfe has taken a keen interest in this issue, having visited a refugee camp on the Syria-Turkey border earlier this year.

Addressing the Home Office Minister James Brokenshire, Stephen said: “Having visited a refugee camp on the Syria-Turkey border earlier this year, I am all too aware of the conflict’s impact, especially on children. Will my hon. Friend join me in thanking the Turkish Government for all they are doing to provide support? Does he agree that the best way to resolve the problem is to find a way to end the war, however difficult that may be? Will he remain committed to providing whatever support is needed both at home and abroad?”

Minister of State James Brokenshire replied: “My hon. Friend has experience of travelling to see the very direct impact of the situation on the ground, and I commend him and other Members from across the House for their work and the real focus and attention that they have given to this very serious issue. He is right to identify Turkey’s contribution. The Prime Minister is in Turkey at the moment, and it is important to work with our international partners to seek to resolve this appalling crisis.”

Stephen Metcalfe later commented: “I have seen first-hand the damage that has been caused by this ongoing conflict on innocent families and children across these troubled regions.”

“I believe it was worth taking the time in Parliament to raise the fact that the best solution to this ongoing suffering is to see the conflict brought to an end.”

“I am glad to see that the British Government is doing everything it can to work towards the kind of solution we all want to see”.