Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stephen Metcalfe MP speaks up for Dartford Crossing residents’ discount

Local MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock Stephen Metcalfe has recently  risen to the floor of the House of Commons to highlight the experiences of his local constituents in accessing the residents’ discount for the Dartford Crossing.

Addressing the Minister of State, Stephen asked: “Following the welcome introduction of free flow tolling and the Dart charge, a number of my constituents have experienced problems accessing the residents’ discount and transferring from the old system to the new. Will my right hon. Friend update the House on whether these are isolated incidents or whether there is a systemic problem?”

The Minister of State Mr Hayes replied by first acknowledging how Stephen is right to highlight the interests of his constituents and that he “always does so forcefully”.

The Minister then went on to commit to the opening of a “special line for my hon. Friend so he can feed into the system any concerns his constituents have. It will be a conduit by which he can articulate their needs and worries so that we can get this absolutely right.”

Stephen Metcalfe later commented: “Until the crossing is free, as I would like, the residents discount is an important feature I was pleased to have been able to bring the needs of my constituents to the attention of the Government on this matter.”

“It is only right that local residents get a fair treatment in relation to the Dartford Crossing, and I am pleased to see that their concerns will be addressed by the Government. With this new measure, the voice of local residents will carry even more weight!”

“I am keen to represent the views and concerns of my constituents on this matter, so I will be following developments closely. As always, I encourage people to get in touch with me through the usual means with their experiences and opinions on this important issue.”