Thursday, 30 April 2015

Calor offers warm welcome to Transport Secretary

Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport today visited the Calor Gas Centre at Coryton today to hear about transport issues and to review the huge amount of investment being made by both Government and Private business in the Thames Gateway.

L-R Stephen Metcalfe, Patrick McLoughlin, Calor site manager –
Alan Harrison and Calor Finance Director – Adam Thompson
Alan Harrison, Customer Operations Manager at Calor’s Coryton site said: “We are delighted to welcome the Secretary of State for Transport to Calor’s Coryton site to witness first-hand our operation and see the contribution we make to the local economy. Calor plays an important role in supplying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to heat rural homes and businesses and to fuel vehicles across the region and the UK. Infrastructure investment and a thriving road transport network are vital in enabling us to deliver these much-needed energy supplies to our customers.”

During the visit Patrick McLoughlin said: “I was very impressed by the vision that Calor has, both for Thurrock as a location to do business and the future of the gas market.”

“I know how important infrastructure investment is in attracting and retaining companies and the jobs which they create.  I am grateful to Stephen Metcalfe for inviting me to Calor today and he certainly made the case for Essex to get more investment.  This is something that I am committed to but we can only invest in Thurrock if we have a strong economy.  The Conservative Party is determined to continue investing here but all this would be put at risk by Ed Miliband and Labour being propped up by Alex Salmond and the SNP.”

Stephen said: “There is no doubt Thurrock is a great place to do business and to invest in. We have some great projects underway such as the London Gateway Port which could potential support 12,000 jobs locally. We are also seeing work start on the new Thames Enterprise Park on the former Coryton site.”

“However, for these investments to truly flourish, we need the infrastructure to support them. I am therefore pleased this government has invested millions of pounds locally in widening the A13, improving junction 30/31 of the M25, introducing Free Flow Tolling.”

Thames Enterprise Park is a hub of industrial and energy-related businesses, occupying one of the largest industrial sites in the northern Thames Gateway and complementing the neighboring Thames Oilport and London Gateway.

Stephen added: “The park could potentially be home to some really game-changing businesses such as the proposed GreenSky London project which would see household waste converted in to jet fuel and electricity.”

Patrick added: “GreenSky London is an exciting project that could transform fuel use in aviation and bring jobs to South Basildon & East Thurrock. It is an excellent example of UK innovation in green technology and the partnership between Solena Fuels and British Airways shows the potential for a high-tech sector to regenerate a former industrial heartland.”

Stephen finished by commenting: “I am grateful to Patrick for his visit today and for the infrastructure investment that have been made. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will push for further investment in the area, particularly in addressing the issue of Level Crossings in Thurrock and investment in the A127.”

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Stephen Metcalfe and Eric Pickles visit Frost Estate

Stephen Metcalfe, local Parliamentary candidate for South Basildon & East Thurrock and Eric Pickles the Secretary of State for Local Government stopped by the Frost Estate to support the Conservative election campaign in Corringham. Eric was out and about with Stephen Metcalfe and his team hoping to return him to Parliament, as well as showing support for local election candidates, Deborah Stewart and Gary Collins.

Stephen said: "Nearly three years ago I started the process of helping local residents on the Frost Estate explore ways that they could tackle a number of long running issues such as the state of the roads.”

“Following the establishment of a resident led steering group, a Residents Association was formed who have worked with Thurrock Council to look at the creation of a Parish Council for the area.”

“After extensive consultation and a formal ballot, the majority of residents who responded supported the idea and this was evident while Eric and I were out and about.”

“It is therefore a disgrace that Labour and UKIP Councillors voted to kick the Parish Council into the long grass, even though it was supported in a public vote by 75% those who voted.”

Stephen added: “If re-elected I will keep working to give the people of the Frost Estate what they have asked for and voted for.”

“We need a Conservative Government and Conservative Council to continue with the localism agenda to ensure that we honour any local referendum, opposed to this unacceptable fudge. I voted for the Localism Bill that Eric introduced to give people more power over their communities, if re-elected I will keep backing local people”.
Stephen Metcalfe and Tony Ball Call for the Barge Inn to be protected

Stephen Metcalfe, local Parliamentary Candidate and Tony Ball, Basildon Council Candidate for Vange have today called for The Barge Inn in Vange to be protected.

Unfortunately the Barge Inn suddenly closed a couple of weeks ago and faces an uncertain future, however, whatever its future, Stephen and Tony are calling for the building itself to be protected.

Stephen said: “It would be a real shame if this valuable local community facility closed permanently and, if re-elected, we would want to explore what options there are for it to be brought back to life, perhaps as a community enterprise. However, I am equally keen to see the building itself protected.”

“We know there has been a pub on this site for a least 200 years, possibly much longer, and it would be a crime to lose yet another bit of local heritage.”

Tony Ball said: “This local landmark is an important part of our heritage and another candidate for a ‘Local List’. As a predominately new town, our local heritage is sparse but our local identity is strong. That it is why it is important to protect what we do have.”

Stephen added: “Since we lost the Old Rectory I have met with Basildon Heritage and together we are hoping to start pulling together a list of local landmarks that could form the basis of a ‘Local List’, what we don’t want to see is yet another Basildon icon lost to a block of flats. These sites are important and we should work to protect them.

“If elected that’s what both Tony and I will do.”