Monday, 8 September 2014

Stephen Metcalfe MP speaks out against Labour’s plans for unfunded spending

Local MP Stephen Metcalfe has today spoken out against Labour’s recent pledges for £21 billion more unfunded and ineffective spending.

Stephen Metcalfe commented: “What Labour do not mention is that the money they have pledged to spend will be paid for by families up and down the country.

The latest figures show that the cost to working households would be £1,235 each, totalling a cost of £2 billion for working households across the East of England and £2.9 billion across the South East. Labour’s proposals would be hugely detrimental to our area and I would not want to see this affect my local constituents.”

The recent attempts by Labour to gain credibility on the economy are matched against the latest figures which show that since the Conservatives have been in Government, growth has been at 8.1 per cent.

Stephen Metcalfe remarked: “In real terms, what this means is more businesses creating jobs, with more families having the security of a regular pay packet.

Despite this, Labour continue to demonstrate that it still has not learned its lesson and risk reversing all of the progress that the Conservative long term economic plan has achieved. We must not allow this to happen.”