Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stephen Metcalfe MP: hails Scotland’s decision to keep the Union

Local MP Stephen Metcalfe has today commented on the “great success” on the results of last week’s referendum on Scottish independence, stating that this will revitalise politics for people across Basildon and Thurrock and up and down the country.

Stephen Metcalfe commented: “My position has been clear from the outset, the Union of the United Kingdom has proven to be one of the most successful political and economic partnerships of the modern world. I am absolutely delighted to see the majority of Scots agreeing, and backing the security that our unified country brings.

However, clearly an air of change is sweeping across British politics, and I agree with the Prime Minister that any extra powers to Scotland should not play out unfairly for the millions across England.

Clearly a new balance needs to be found in Westminster and my Conservative colleagues are I are committed to ensuring that the voices of England do not go unheard as the process of increased devolution gets underway.

This vote has been of huge significance to people across Basildon and Thurrock, because not only can we all feel more confident in our revitalised Union as the economy gets back on track, but it looks increasingly so that their opinions will carry even more weight in Westminster in the coming months.”