Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Stephen Metcalfe MP: New figures show immigration measures are working

Stephen Metcalfe, Conservative MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, has welcomed figures showing that net migration has fallen by almost a quarter. This is new evidence that the government’s hard-hitting measures to reduce immigration are working.
The figures also show that inward migration to the UK fell to its lowest level since 2004. Despite this, Labour continue to oppose every step we have taken to bring immigration under control.
Commenting, Stephen Metcalfe said: “People across South Basildon and East Thurrock will be pleased to see that Conservatives in Government are getting immigration under control.”
“Under Labour immigration was unchecked – with net migration totalling 2.2 million people. We have taken tough steps to reduce the uncontrolled immigration that Labour presided over.  This reduction in numbers shows that our measures are working.”
“It beggars belief that Labour still oppose every single one of these steps, including our cap on immigration.”