Sunday, 9 November 2014

Stephen Metcalfe MP celebrates the restoration of St Chads iconic church bell

Stephen Metcalfe MP has joined local community members in marking the success of a fundraising project which has raised the money to restore the iconic church bell of St Chads church in Vange. 

The bell was originally cast in 1608 and came to be owned by the church in 1958 – however unfortunately the bell developed a crack in 1966 and has remained out of use since that time.

Schools, volunteers, and local community groups have all been rallying around the project and thanks to money from the Church of England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the cash has been secured for the restoration to take place.

Stephen Metcalfe, commenting on these events said: “This project has brought out the very best in our local community, and has proven that when working together, they can truly achieve great things.”

“It is such wonderful news that the funding has been secured to bring such a historic and important landmark back into service – especially in time for this Christmas!”

“Throughout history bells have used to call people together and on this occasion, the St Chads bell has called together our local community.”

“The area of Vange is a proud and historic place, and the sense of shared community spirit that this restoration project has brought to local people is truly moving.”