Thursday, 30 January 2014

Stephen Metcalfe MP is hopeful for Woodlands School after visiting new state of the art building

Last week Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, visited the new building for Woodlands School and met with the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Karen Kerridge.

Students are due to move in to the new site on 10th February and the local MP hopes that the move will signal a new start for the school.  Mrs Kerridge, will oversee the transition to the new site and is committed to driving up standards at the school which was put into special measures last year.

Mr Metcalfe discussed an action plan with the Executive Head and also spoke to students to get their perspective and to find out about their hopes for the future.

He commented: “I was extremely impressed by the pupils and their desire to succeed. Both students and staff are pressing forward and I am confident that under this new leadership we see improvements in the near future. The new building can only help this process.”

As it currently stands, Woodlands is divided into a cluster of buildings leaving staff and students with lengthy and time consuming walks between lessons. The new building will unite the school, alleviating this problem whilst also providing staff and students with an impressive array of facilities including fantastic science labs, a spectacular gym, and new creative arts facilities that can house the 1500 pupils.

Mr Metcalfe commented: “This £25 million investment is brilliant news for Woodlands. I was extremely impressed by the new site and I very much look forward to visiting it again when it if full of students. The importance of a positive learning environment cannot be underestimated and I hope that Woodlands pupils and staff will be enthused and excited by their new facilities and all that they offer.” 

“Woodlands is going through a difficult time but I am confident that it can emerge as a stronger and better school with the new facility signalling a fresh start.”